5 Common Signs That Your Home or Business Requires An Electrical Repair

Electricity is one of the most powerful and basic resources utilized every single day. Without electricity, our homes, businesses, and lives would feel very different. In fact, without electricity, our lives would be completely different altogether and likely, more complicated.

While electricity runs through the veins of our homes and powers our lives, electrical issues can be extremely dangerous and must not be dealt with by just anyone. Unsure if your Palm Beach home or business requires an electrical repair? Look out for these five common signs that it’s time to hire a licensed electrician.

  • Strange Odors– If you smell bothersome or strange odors coming from your electrical outlets it’s time to call a professional. In addition, you should unplug all electronics from your outlet and wait for a licensed electrician to come to investigate the situation.
  • Warm Outlets and Sparking Switches– If outlets and switches are warm to the touch, or show any signs of sparking, it’s a clear sign that your wiring requires an electrical repair.
  • Buzzing Sounds- If your outlets and switches are producing a low buzzing sound you should turn off the power immediately and wait for an electrician. Electricity should operate silently. If you’re hearing strange noises when you turn on the lights, it’s time to call a professional.
  • Flickering Lights– Power surges can cause flickering lights that demand the attention of a professional electrician. If unaddressed, surges can drain electricity and even ruin your appliances.
  • Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips- Your circuit breaker is designed to trip when overloaded. However, if your circuit is tripping frequently it may require an electrical repair to prevent fire hazards and keep your home or business safe.

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