Bus Duct Replacement in Jupiter, Lake Park, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and the Surrounding Areas

Modern power distribution these days is made much easier and safer with bus ducts, but like everything else these don’t last forever so bus duct replacements are a needed maintenance issue with commercial buildings in Jupiter, Lake Park, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and the surrounding areas. Because these bus ducts are three-phase power distribution pieces, you need experienced electricians from Kasper Electrical to help do the bus duct replacement. When safety and reliability are paramount for your commercial electrical needs, bus ducts and bus duct replacements are the answer you need. Contact us today for more details and to schedule our team for inspection and bus duct replacement services.

Important Aspects of Bus Duct Replacement

Since they were first introduced and popularized, bus ducts have come a long way. While they are commonly associated with higher amperage installations, in fact bus ducts can operate with loads as low as 100 amperes and as high as 6,500 amperes. When you are looking to do a bus duct replacement, it is a good time to evaluate if you need to have higher ampere bus ducts in your facility due to the changes and growth that has been experienced in the building compared to when it was first installed.

Along with your bus duct replacement, you may want to consider expanding where your bus ducts go. With the introduction of elbows and offsets, it is possible to run bus ducts in more places than before, and this can provide you with an opportunity to reroute electrical connections to be more efficient. When you work with our Kasper Electrical technicians, they can help to layout a better distribution for electricity for your needs.

Why Perform Bus Duct Replacements

While it is true that there are some circumstances where a bus duct is not the preferred method for electrical distribution, these situations are fortunately not numerous. Whether it is the initial installation of bus ducts or bus duct replacements, the amount of time required to put them in is minimal compared to the other options, including cables with runners. Bus ducts also are simple to put together and to do so quickly, meaning that there are fewer errors with bus duct and bus duct replacements.

Whether you manage a hospital, oversee a large commercial building, or need to ensure reliable electrical feeds for your residential buildings in Jupiter, Lake Park, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and the surrounding areas, getting the right help is important. Contact Kasper Electrical today to engage our trained and experienced electricians who can perform bus duct replacements along with other electrical maintenance and repair options. We’ll help keep the electricity flowing for you.

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