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Looking for an electrical contractor can be tricky. Electrical work involves knowledge of wiring, current, load and more. You need electrical work done correctly. So where can you go to find a qualified and trusted electrical contractor? If you go to a neighborhood app or social media, are you getting a good referral? Here are a few qualities to look for when assessing an electrical contractor either by yourself or through a referral.

  1. Training. Does the electrical contractor have the correct training to be working with building and home electrical needs? You don’t want to be someone’s “maybe” or trial project. You need an experienced electrician with extensive training and the ability to handle challenges.
  2. Dependability. This equates to an electrician who shows up on time and fully prepared for the job. A dependable electrician doesn’t overbook or take short cuts on your service to save time. We value your time and try our best to schedule accordingly. Our goal is to serve you with excellence.
  3. Work pride. Completing a job is one thing, completing it correctly is another. Uncovered wires, dangerous connections and more can cause potentially dangerous incidents in the near future. Selecting a new electrician to correct the work from the first attempt can often take more time and can often be more expensive.
  4. Explanation of work. You shouldn’t have to second guess your electrical contractor. Be sure to select a contractor with integrity and a track record of quality service. A great contractor will clearly explain the work that needs to be done and why. The best electrical contractors take pride in their work and will be happy to fully describe the job to the customer. This is also a great opportunity to gauge your electrical contractor’s knowledge of the industry and attention to detail.
  5. Knowledge of codes. There is a broad range of electrical codes which vary from one municipality to another. Communities in Palm Beach County such as Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth and West Palm Beach, in some ways, differ from the codes enforced in Pembroke Pines of Broward County or the town of Stuart, FL in Martin County.

When searching for a commercial electrical contractor; look for an established company with multiple service locations. Finding a reliable electrician to provide 5-star service for your home, business, or boat is easy with Kasper Electric.

Go to Kasperelectricinc.com to learn more about our services as an electrical contractor in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Pembroke Pines, Stuart FL, West Palm Beach and beyond.

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