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Finding a cost-effective electrician, you can trust can be difficult. You may need electrical repairs, new wiring, installation or troubleshooting. Merely looking for a “cheap electrician” may result in unreliable work. Choosing an electrician solely by discounted rates could create an unsafe situation and usually costs more money in the end. We encourage customers to get a second opinion. Let our expert electricians walk you through our affordable and reliable solutions.

You Deserve A Proper Diagnosis

You know the phrase “measure twice and cut once”? There’s a reason why all jobs should be reviewed twice before the work has been completed. When you are simply looking for a cheap electrician, you may get someone who isn’t taking a full survey of the problem and what it will take to solve it properly. Since wiring can go throughout a home and issues can be anywhere, proper diagnosis is key. You want a trained and experienced electrician that will take the time to test and explore all of the issues.

Reasons Electrical Repairs May Vary in Price

  1. They are not licensed or insured. Anyone can claim that they are licensed and insured. Be sure to verify those claims and anyone that is skipping these critical steps should be avoided at all costs.
  2. They are working too fast. Perhaps the reason they are cheaper is that they are cramming too many jobs into too little time. Inefficient scheduling can result in rushed jobs. This often leads to steps being skipped, or shortcuts being taken. Unfortunately, calling in another electrician to repair the damage could cost even more.
  3. They’re experiencing a shortage of repeat customers. Over the last forty-one years, we’ve built our business through quality reviews, referrals, recommendations, and repeat business. We are honored to serve our customers time after time and count it a privilege to be recommended to serve their families and friends.

Electrical systems are not only for convenience and comfort but for essential services and safety. You need proper wiring and electrical repairs to protect one of the largest investments in your life. Kasper Electric is the most highly rated electrical company in Palm Beach County from Jupiter to Delray Beach and in Boynton Beach, Lake Worth and Wellington. Kasper Electric also serves select cities in Martin County including Stuart.

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