FAQ’s of Our Electrician Repairment in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter FL, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, and Stuart FL

We get a lot of questions at both the office and asked to our electricians while out in the field. Many of the questions we get aren’t always directly about emergency electrical repairs or new installation projects. Sometimes the questions are about creature comforts and nuisances that people don’t know if they can be fixed. The general answer is yes! We have electricians that are specialists at almost anything.

I’m tired of seeing wires all over my house.  Can you move plugs? Can you move interior wiring?

These questions are often regarding speakers, TV and other entertainment plugs and lighting such as sconces. First, your electrician will have to do an inspection to see if there are any barriers and some patching will have to be done to hide the location in the wall we had to go through. But everyone can agree that hidden wires and cords make for a cleaner look in any room.

My fuses are constantly being blown if I use or have too many things plugged in. Can you fix that?

We’ve come across residents that know the exact equation of what can be plugged into various outlets. The kitchen can have the blender and the toaster, but if the microwave is turned on at the same time, the fuse will blow. The bathroom can have the fan and the curling iron but add the hair dryer and it’s too much. We find this a lot in older homes throughout Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter FL, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Stuart FL but it can happen anywhere. Yes, we can send an electrician out to fix this as well as prepare your house for more appliances in the future.

Are dimmer switches hard to add?

Not for us! And let’s put it this way. It’s easier for an electrician to switch an existing switch to a dimmer switch than fix an improperly installed dimmer switch. Some switches are a little more complicated than just exchanging the switches. Some boxes need to be exchanged, some wiring may have to change and more.

If you’re considering any of the changes above, make a list and then call Kasper Electrical. We can send one of our five-star electricians to take care of all your electrical aesthetic and convenience needs throughout Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter FL, Lake Worth, Palm Beach and Stuart FL.

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