Generators in Lake Worth, Lantana, and North Palm Beach

Kasper Electric sells and installs standby generators throughout Delray Beach, Lake Park, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Wellington and West Palm Beach. They are a full-service electrical contractor and can help you with all your electrical requirements including standby power.

Residents of South Florida are well aware of the threats and realities of storms including hurricanes. Severe weather is a reality in South Florida and with climate change and other threats things will only get worse. Power outages have happened and will continue to happen. A backup generator can provide you with power you need when the main grid fails.

You get different kinds of generators. You get small portable generators. Portable recreational generators are great camping, RV, tailgating and other outdoor and recreational activities. Portable residential generators are useful for powering select items such as computers, refrigerators and pumps. These portable generators have their uses and benefits but if you want proper backup for your home or business, you need a standby generator.

Quality standby generators can provide up p 800 KW of emergency backup power for your home, your business, your construction site or agricultural requirements. Standby generators are installed as a fixture on your property. A standby generator can power your entire home for days on end. These generators are powered by a fuel source such as diesel, propane or natural gas.

A standby generator is connected to your electrical panel and automatically kicks in when the main power goes out. This way you enjoy uninterrupted power and the convenience, safety and peace of mind that goes with that.

People who live in areas where power outages are a reality should seriously consider standby generators as a solution to temporary or even extended power outages. Kasper Electric can advise you regarding the best options when it comes to standby generators.

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