Generators in Palm Beach, Delray Beach and Wellington, FL

Standby generators provide full power during outages

Having proper electrical backup for your home or business can see you through lengthy electrical outages caused by storms, acts of terror or some other event. Kasper Electric supplies and installs home generators throughout Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach.

South Florida residents know only too well the damage and devastation that a severe hurricane cn cause. These types of storms often result in lengthy electrical outages. When the power is out, your home or office does not work. Power generators can provide you with electricity you need for your home or business to function when the main grid is down.

There are different types of generators on the market. You get portable generators that can provide temporary backup and can power some appliances for a limited time. However, they don’t offer a proper standby solution. If you want a proper standby solution that can power your home or business for weeks, then you need a permanently installed generator.

Standby generators are installed on a permanent basis. A standby generator connects to your electrical system automatically kicks in when the main power goes off. Standby generators are powered by fuel sources such as diesel, propane or natural gas.

Kasper Electric can supply and install an appropriate standby generator that will power your home when the lights go out. This way your home can function normally when the main electrical supply is off. Without a proper home generator, you are entirely reliant for electricity from the main grid. If the grid fails, and it often does, you are left without power. You might still be able to cope for a while with gas appliances and temporary backup solutions. But if you want your home to function normally during power outages, the best solution is a standby generator.


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