Generators in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, FL, Delray Beach, Stuart, FL, Boynton Beach, North Palm Beach, and the Surrounding Areas

It doesn’t matter if you have a small home or a large commercial building, having a generator is practically a necessity in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Delray Beach, Stuart, Boynton Beach, North Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas. No matter the kind of generator that you have, it is important to understand how it works for your situation, and our team at Kasper Electrical can help with the installation as well as details about properly using it. Smaller generators are great for portability while whole-home or building generators are ideal when the power is cut off from a storm or other event. Contact us today to have our technicians evaluate your property for a generator and help with planning for the next power outage.

Commercial Generators

In most cases when it comes to a commercial space or industrial space, a commercial size generator is called for. These generators are typically connected to the buildings power distribution network and have a monitoring system so that if the power ever gets disrupted, the commercial generator will automatically kick in so that power is barely disrupted. While not necessarily meant to be used indefinitely, most commercial generators will provide power long enough to safely shut down operations.

In some cases in residential buildings these commercial generators can supply a limited amount of power to residents until main power is restored. Key items should be plugged into outlets that are known to be supplied by backup generators, such as refrigerators, to lessen the impact of a power outage to the building.

Home or Personal Generators

Many homeowners will get their own personal/portable generator to provide power for key appliances during a power outage. Care should be taken that they are operated where the exhaust can dissipate and not enter the home with the noxious fumes. It is important to understand just how much power these portable generators can supply, and what that means for what you supply power to. Some homeowners will want their own whole-home generator that operates from propane or another fuel source. These need to be installed by certified electricians so that they can properly supply power when the grid goes down without incident.

There are a number of different things to think about when looking at generators, from the small portable versions to whole building generators in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Delray Beach, Stuart, Boynton Beach, North Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas. Talk with our team at Kasper Electrical to understand what options you have for your situation and get things in place before the next event that could cut grid power.

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