Generators in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Juno Beach, Stuart, Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach

With all of the different events that happen every year, including hurricanes and blackouts, you would be justified in considering adding a generator to your Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Juno Beach, Stuart, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, or surrounding area home. When you are ready to get a generator for your home, contact the electrical experts at Kasper Electric. They can help to make sure that you get the right size generator for your needs, and they can give you tips on the operation of your generator.

What Kinds of Generators Are There?

When talking about generators for use at your home, there are two types of generators. The first is perhaps the most common generator type, and you’ve likely seen them in use all over for different reasons. These are portable generators, and they can be very handy to provide you with some power options for a short period of time. These portable generators are generally limited in the number of outlets that they provide, as well as the amount of load that they can handle.

The other kind of generator that you will find is a standby generator, sometimes referred to as a whole home generator. These generators are much larger, typically able to service a majority of your home’s circuits, and sometimes all of your circuits. They are installed in a permanent location on your property and often are powered by the same fuel as what you already have coming into your home, such as natural gas. Other options can be powered by diesel fuel or propane. One advantage of these standby generators is that they are typically wired into your home’s existing electrical circuits.

Whatever option you choose, be sure that you understand how the system works. It is good to test out your system as well to learn what electrical needs you have as well as being familiar with using it when the time finally comes to engage your generator for the real thing.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance on Portable Generators

When you have a portable generator, it is important to be sure to check various things before and during the operation of the generator. Before starting the generator, you should check the oil level in the engine to make sure that it doesn’t need changing and has the right amount. When you are planning to operate the generator, check the gas level and fill it accordingly. You should also try to let your generator not work for a period of time; this usually happens in the evening when you sleep. And when you store your portable generator, be sure to either empty out the gas tank or add some stabilizing fluid to the gas to help it from breaking down over an extended period of time. People all over Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Juno Beach, Stuart, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas can benefit from having a generator, and the team from Kasper Electric can provide you with professional guidance.

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