Generators in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Stuart, Wellington, and the Surrounding Areas

It’s no secret that we deal with strong storms each year in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Stuart, Wellington, and the surrounding areas. Because of these storms, it is important to be prepared, and that includes having generators available to provide temporary power needs to keep the most vital things going. At Kasper Electrical we can help you prepare your generator situation with portable models as well as ones tied to your electrical system and powered by propane, diesel, or another fuel. Call us today to learn more about getting a generator and being prepared for when the power goes out from a storm.

How to Keep the Lights On

When the power goes out, one of the first things that we think about is the lights and getting at least some of them back on. During the day it isn’t important, but at night having lights can make a huge difference in your comfort levels after a storm. In many cases a portable generator will be the perfect solution as it will provide enough power for several lights.

Depending on the size of the portable generator, you may also be able to power some smaller appliances, such as a hot plate or other smaller device. This will allow you to cook food while having light to see what you are doing. If you are fortunate to have more than one portable generator, then you can do even more things.

Having a whole home generator is the ultimate emergency power supply device. These generators are designed to kick on as soon as the power goes out, providing uninterrupted power to your entire home. These typically run on propane or diesel, and many are connected to natural gas lines so that they have a nearly unlimited supply of fuel to power your generator.

Know The Limits of Your Generators

Your generators have a load capacity that limits how much electricity that it can generate, which also limits how many devices you can power. Portable generators can offer a couple of 20-amp duplex outlets that allow you to plug up to 4 different items into it for power. Some also provide a 30-amp socket for larger appliances, while others can offer up to a 50 amp, 240-volt outlet. These are still limited in what they can power, and they are not designed to run your entire house. There are whole house generators that are wired into your house grid that can do everything.

When looking at generators for your home in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Stuart, Wellington, and the surrounding areas, we can help you figure out which items are most important to keep running, and then provide you generator options that will do just that. Call our team at Kasper Electrical to learn more about getting the right generator.

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