Generators in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Stuart, Delray Beach, and Palm Beach, Florida

Living in Southern Florida means great weather most of the year, but for three to four months, we must live through hurricane season. Most times we are lucky and the hurricanes are not very strong, so they don’t blow out the electricity, but there are times when the electric is out for days and weeks at a time, in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Stuart, and the surrounding areas. For those times, when the weather is out of control, it’s nice to know you can rely on your home generator or business generator to keep you out of the dark.

If you are a new homeowner or business owner and you don’t have a generator, you should give us a call at Kasper Electric. We will come to your home or business and review your property to find the best place for your generator.

We Supply, Install, and Service Generators

At Kasper Electric, our electricians will supply the right size generator to fit your home or business in Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, and the surrounding areas. They also provide the installation and service needed to make sure your generator is working well. Once the generator is installed by our licensed and insured electricians, it’s important to have a maintenance agreement or warranty service agreement, which we, at Kasper Electric will provide. We want to make sure all our clients have a way to maintain electricity in their home or business, during a hurricane. All our electricians at Kasper Electric can answer questions you may have regarding generators, how they are installed, and what type of upkeep is required.

Generators for Home or Business

When thinking of the right generator for your home or business, you should consider a standby generator. The standby generator is permanently installed next to your home or business and depending on the size of the generator, can provide power for days. Our electricians will connect the standby generator to your electrical panel and it will run off your home or business fuel source, such as propane, natural gas, or diesel fuel. Having a standby generator relieves some of the stress during a hurricane and we can provide maintenance, to make sure your generator always works well. For more information on generators in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Stuart, Delray Beach, and Palm Beach Florida, call Kasper Electrical at 561-845-1660 or visit

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