Licensed Electricians in Jupiter, FL

Licensed Electrician, Electrical Repairs, and Home Electrician in Jupiter, FL

Licensed Electrician in Jupiter, FL

If your home is experiencing electrical issues then it won’t be shy. Your home will start acting strangely to indicate that there are electrical issues that require your immediate attention. Some common indications that your home requires electrical repairs are buzzing sounds, flickering lights, unfamiliar odors, and sparking outlets. If your home is exhibiting any of the above symptoms then it’s time to call a home electrician immediately.

Our team is dedicated to providing Jupiter, FL residents with exemplary customer service and attention to detail. Assisting in all aspects of electrical repairs, services, and installations, our team of licensed electricians works on home electrical issues carefully, professionally, and efficiently for optimal results.

Licensed Electrician Services

Finding a good home electrician can be a challenge, however, the biggest challenge is not only finding a professional who knows what they’re doing but a licensed electrician with the proper certifications for the job. Many home electricians get away with tricking their clients into paying high ticket prices for mediocre home electrician services. But at Kasper Electric all of our licensed electricians have the proper certifications and go above and beyond to help our clients get the service they need at a price they deserve.

With over 40 years of serving Jupiter, FL residents, we not only provide residential home electrician services but commercial and onshore marine electrical repairs and service. Our licensed electricians assist with a range of services that include:

  • Interior lighting installations and repairs.
  • Electrical safety checks.
  • Construction of old and new properties.
  • Electrical Installations of appliances.
  • Generator services.
  • Landscape lighting installations and repairs.

Electrical Repairs in Jupiter, FL

Electrical Repairs in Jupiter, FL

Living in Jupiter, FL means living in a location that combines both a tropical paradise and homestead scenery. Seated on the hills overlooking Loxahatchee River, Jupiter, FL provides a haven for those who enjoy both the charms of the open sea and the majestic roaring rivers that contributed to America Pioneer Days. However, nature is not the only thing that draws residents to Jupiter, FL. Jupiter has below-average crime rates and above-average school systems, making it a wonderful place to settle down and raise a family.

At Kasper Electric we provided professional electricians services to residents living in Jupiter, FL and surrounding areas. By providing above-average service and attention to detail, our home electricians diagnose and treat electrical repairs professionally and efficiently. With a reputation for excellence dating back to 1978, our licensed electricians provide a range of different services and electrical repairs that will get your home back to normal in no time at all.


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