Residential Electrician in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Lantana, West Palm Beach, and the Surrounding Areas

Your home in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Lantana, West Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas is a complex building with a number of systems. While we may not think about it like this, these systems do require education and training to properly deal with them and understand the regulations associated with them. At Kasper Electrical our team of residential electricians are fully trained and experienced in handling the wide range of needs that any homeowner may have. Contact us today to learn more and have our residential electricians tackle your electrical jobs.

The Many Aspects to Residential Electricians

Many homeowners like to think that they can handle electrical issues in their homes, however that all goes out the window when they discover that part of their home still has knob and tube wiring or other outdated electrical wiring. Not only that but there are specific codes for electrical wiring that need to be adhered to, and in many jurisdictions any home remodeling projects will need to have the electrical work signed off on before the project can continue.

Our residential electricians are fully versed in these electrical codes and will perform their work with these codes in mind. They can handle tasks such as adding more electrical outlets or installing light fixtures, and they can also recommend changes or updates to your electrical system such as installing a larger breaker box to accommodate the different electrical circuits in your home.

In Florida having a backup electrical generator is a common addition to homes, and this also requires a certified residential electrician to properly add the necessary wiring so that the backup electrical generator will function as intended. This setup needs to be properly wired in to prevent any damage from happening to the generator, the home’s electrical system, and even the local power grid.

Signs That You Should Call in a Residential Electrician

There are several signs that your home’s electrical system will give you that indicates you should call in one of our residential electricians sooner rather than later. If you have fuses and they keep blowing, or your breaker keeps tripping without an explanation, you should call our team in. And don’t put in a larger amp fuse in an effort to “correct” the problem. If your lights flicker there could be an issue with your electricity, or if the plate of the outlet or light switch is hot to the touch. Don’t take chances with your Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Lantana, West Palm Beach, and the surrounding area home. Call in our team from Kasper Electrical and rest easy knowing everything will be done right.

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