3 Ways Hiring a Licensed Electrician in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Palm Beach Can Save Your South Florida Business Money

You expect your accounting team to help your business cut costs. But did you know that a licensed electrician can also save your business money in several important ways?

Whether you own a café on Lucerne Avenue in Lake Worth, a day spa in Palm Beach, a surf shop in Boynton Beach, or a vintage clothing store in Delray Beach, a licensed electrician from an established company like Kasper Electric can reduce your electrical costs. Let’s look at three ways a licensed electrician can save your business money.

#1: A Licensed Electrician Can Help Reduce Power Usage

A licensed electrician keeps up-to-date with energy-efficient technologies that have lower operating costs—and can put these energy-savers to work for your business. Let’s say you run a hotel off of Gateway Boulevard in Boynton Beach. A licensed electrician from Kasper Electric can look at everything that uses power at your hotel—things like interior and exterior lighting, appliances in the guest rooms, the front desk’s office equipment, and the hotel laundry—and evaluate how efficiently your hotel uses power.

Then, the licensed electrician can introduce effective tools to reduce power usage. If you’ve got an office building in Jupiter, a licensed electrician from Kasper Electric could suggest a lighting retrofit that preserves existing lighting fixtures but uses energy-efficient LED bulbs. Or he might install motion sensors that keep the lights on in the locker room of your Pembroke Pines tennis club only when players are in the room.

Every little bit of savings adds up over time. A licensed electrician could make improvements that save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in just a year or two!

#2: A Licensed Electrician Can Perform Preventative Maintenance

Just like your mechanic gives your car a tune-up to keep you safe on the road and prevent breakdowns, a licensed electrician performs preventative maintenance at your place of business to help you avoid unsafe conditions and unexpected repairs. Regularly-scheduled, preventative maintenance for your electrical systems can save your business money.

Experienced, licensed electricians, like those at Kasper Electric, can identify potential problems while they’re still manageable, and relatively inexpensive to correct. That’s why Kasper Electric offers maintenance plans for business owners in Delray Beach and beyond.

And, for entrepreneurs in Lake Worth and surrounding areas, Kasper Electric has economical service plans. If a lightning strike takes its toll on your circuit breaker when a hurricane rolls through Palm Beach, a licensed electrician from Kasper Electric can come promptly to replace it, and to check for any other damage to your electrical equipment. This will reduce your company’s down time, so you’ll save money by getting back to business sooner.

#3: A Licensed Electrician Can Prevent Costly Mistakes

You may be expanding your Jupiter franchise with new construction. Perhaps you’re refurbishing an existing building in Pembroke Pines. In either case, you’ll want the reassurance of knowing that a licensed electrician has reviewed the wiring plans to spot any potential problems.

A licensed electrician will make sure everything electrical has been done according to code, so you can avoid expensive fines. Protect your business from the risks of dangers such as electrical fires, which can be the result of improper wiring. Don’t pay twice to have shoddy work corrected—let a licensed electrician from Kasper Electric do the electrical work right the first time.

To discover more ways a licensed electrician can save your business money, call (844) 527-7377 to set up a consultation with Kasper Electric!

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