4 Reasons to Consider LED Parking Lot Lighting

Are you considering a parking lot lighting LED system for your business or property? Smart site lighting strategies play a large role in the orchestration of many businesses. Understanding the benefits of improved electrical technology is important for business owners and property managers. We’ve compiled our top 4 reasons to consider transitioning your site lighting to LED.

First, let’s dive into LED lighting and what the acronym stands for. (Already familiar with the basics? Jump down to Section 2.)

What is LED Lighting? (Section 1)

LED stands for light-emitting diode. It is known as one of today’s most energy-efficient lighting technologies. This lighting method is noted for its effective approach in delivering light to specific areas. Due to their high efficiency and ability to emit light in specific directions, LED lighting systems are ideal for parking lots, garages, sporting arenas and many other commercial and industrial lighting needs.

Check out this video to learn more about LED Parking Lot Lighting

Top 4 Reasons to Consider LED Parking Lot Lights (Section 2)

Reduces Energy Costs

Converting your parking lot to LED lighting is one of the best places to get a fantastic return on your investment. LED lighting is a top choice for property managers who place a high value on efficiency. Known as one of the most energy-efficient lighting systems of today, LED reduces electrical cost and overall energy usage while delivering more light to your site.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

We’re committed to helping you achieve optimal efficiency in your commercial electrical operations. Did you know that LED lighting has the potential to last almost 5 times longer than its predecessors? Consider the long-term costs associated with maintaining older lighting systems. LED lighting systems are known for having longer lifespans than traditional high-pressure sodium and metal halide lights. Imagine extending your maintenance visits from every 2,000 hours to every 10,000 hours. That’s real savings!

Improves Light Distribution

LED utilizes directional lighting so light can be targeted to specific areas on your property. This improved distribution allows light to break beyond the centralized area beneath the bulb and pushes the light out into previously under lit spaces.

Have you evaluated your site lighting levels? Are they bright and welcoming during evening or early morning hours? Would a potential customer feel safe utilizing your designated parking areas? Do they meet or surpass the OSHA lighting requirements? Reduce your risk of liability by ensuring your parking lot lighting levels are providing a safe environment for your customers and employees.

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Cuts Down Your Carbon Footprint

As world citizens we all shoulder the onus to care for planet Earth and manage its resources responsibly. As business owners and property managers, employing LED lighting in our operations is a great way to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Give your parking lot a green thumbs up with LED efficiency!

Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Installation & Repairs

Upgrading your older parking lot lights to a more efficient LED system is convenient and affordable. Contact us to learn more about our Parking Lot Lighting Services. At Kasper Electrical, our team of 5-star electricians have been providing commercial electrical services with excellence since 1978. Looking for a 5-star commercial electrician to service your business or property?

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