4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Electrician for Your Business in Jupiter, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Boynton Beach, and the Surrounding Areas

Hiring a skilled, experienced commercial electrician improves efficiency, reduces downtime, and keeps your employees safe. Industrial settings come with a unique range of challenges and require more careful planning than residential buildings.

Residential electricians deal with one or two-phase circuits. A commercial electrical system requires a more complex three-phase system. In addition, the National Electric Code (NEC) sets strict safety standards for businesses to maintain.

In-house electrician salaries make it more cost-effective to outsource this function, but how do you ensure that you hire the right company? Things to consider:

Recommendations from Trusted Advisors

Speaking to trusted business contacts and friends can help to narrow down your choices. Ask for recommendations based on personal experience of the electrician’s services. Hardware and electrical outlet stores may also provide guidance.

Check the References and Reviews

Also, confirm the reviews of the business from third-party sources like Google. For example, what did previous clients say? Do they mention the company’s expertise? You may also ask the company for references from previous clients and check on these.

Evaluate Their Credentials and Training

How long has the company been conducting business in Jupiter, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Boynton Beach, or the surrounding areas? Does their team have the necessary field experience, skills, and credentials?

Are They Equipped to Meet Commercial Requirements? 

Does the company have the equipment and capacity to meet commercial requirements? You must consider:

  • Availability: In business, an electrical emergency stops or slows production. How quickly can the company send a team to assist you? Ideally, there should be a 24/7 emergency repair option available.
  • Design Skills: Industrial systems are more complex than residential ones. Teams must have electricians capable of designing these systems to ensure maximum efficiency. They must also apply worker safety considerations in the design.
  • Installation and Capability: Can the team deliver the project you require within your timeline, or must they outsource? How quickly can they source the supplies for the project?
  • Routine Maintenance Coverage: Does the company provide maintenance packages that allow you to schedule regular visits and checks?
  • Customized Strategies: Is the company willing to discuss a personalized strategy for your business or project?

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