Electrical Services in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, FL, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, and the Surrounding Areas: Understand the Difference Between These Two Distinct Power Circuits

Electrical services generally fall into one of two categories – Residential or Commercial. To the layperson, both seem similar, but the safety considerations are quite different. Each has distinct power requirements, and it’s essential to neither underpower nor overload the circuit breakers for either.

Strict building codes in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, FL, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, and the surrounding areas ensure that all buildings are safe for the occupants.

Understanding the difference between both systems is the first step in adequately adhering to South Florida building regulations.

Wiring Type

At a residential property, electricians have a little more leeway. They install the wiring into easily accessible, open areas and so must use wiring sheathed in plastic. The plastic protects your family if they accidentally touch any wiring and protects the wire from the elements.

By contrast, electricians install commercial wiring in conduits or the ceiling. This technique protects the wire while ensuring it’s easily accessible for repair services. It also provides that it’s easy to access power points if the internal layout of the space changes.


The power requirements for both types of buildings are distinctly different. A business typically requires more power, and additional safety measures are necessary.

The electrical system in a home requires two types of power circuits:

  • Single Phase: Delivers 120 volts and requires neutral, positive, and negative wires.
  • Two-Phase: Refrigerators, HVACs, and dryers require more power. Two-phase circuits provide 240 volts.

A commercial application, however, requires a three-phase circuit. This circuit splits the system up into two relays that supply 120 volts and a third relay that supplies 208 volts. The three-phase electrical panel reduces the workload on each branch of the system and improves efficiency.

The circuit ensures that commercial equipment receives a steady flow of electricity. As there is a more significant workload on the cables, the wiring heats up more than it would in your home. It usually has a thick insulating layer of heat-resistant nylon-coated thermoplastic.

In addition to insulating the wire, the coating also protects it from harsh environmental conditions in factories and other commercial environments.

To ensure the correct balance, you must hire an adequately experienced installation and emergency service company. With over 40 years of experience serving Jupiter, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Boynton Beach communities, and surrounding areas, Kasper Electrical delivers every time.

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