Condo Electrical Repairs for Jupiter, Lake Park, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, and Surrounding Areas

At Kasper Electrical, we do all types of condo electrical repairs because we work with both residential and commercial clients. We are often requested by condo owners who need to have proof that the company completing their condo electrical repairs is licensed and insured. After all, any dangerous situation, such as a fire, could quickly spread to nearby condos. When it comes time to having condo electrical repairs done in a resident’s unit, you should always rely on a licensed electrician rather than a handyman.

Commercial Condo Electrical Repairs

Some condos have much more integrated electrical systems, usually found in high-rises and multi-story condo buildings. Some of the condo electrical repairs we do include:

  • 40-year certification assistance – Buildings in Florida must be re-certified for electrical and structural safety every 40 years. If you’ve gotten your notice or know it’s coming up, call us at your earliest convenience to ensure your certification is completed on time.
  • Busway Repair and Replacement – Replace old and outdated busways to restore reduced system costs and increased capacitance.
  • Switchgear Modernization – If your switchgear hasn’t been updated for 20 years or more, it’s time to get an upgrade, reconditioning, or modernization. The demand for electricity changes, and your system needs to keep up.
  • Exercising Equipment – Some equipment needs to be exercised regularly, even yearly, for proper function. We can help set up the schedule that will prolong your system’s life and reach the expected lifespan.
  • Bolt Lock Retrofit – Replacing bolt locks eliminates the risk of seizing up and establishing power. This can occur if the bolt locks are not properly exercised on the proper schedule.

Regardless of if your condo electrical repairs in Jupiter, Lake Park, Lake Worth, and West Palm Beach are some of the most complicated repairs, we have the confidence our team is ready to take them on.

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