Five Questions about Bus Duct Replacement in Jupiter, Lake Park, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, and Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for a bus duct replacement in Jupiter, Lake Park, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, and surrounding areas? Let the experts at Kasper Electrical help you. A bus duct replacement can be very challenging and must be installed correctly to function correctly and safely.

What is a bus duct system? A bus duct system is a sheet metal electric power distribution system that effectively distributes power to your switchgear and various loads. As a result, a bus duct system can reduce system costs.

Can a bus duct replacement be dangerous? Yes. Not only can all electrical repairs be hazardous if not done correctly, but if your bus duct encounters problems, you can be looking at catastrophic damage and extensive downtime. This is why you should always get your electrical work done by a licensed electrician.

Are bus duct replacements complicated? Yes and no. If you are replacing because you need upgrades or your electrical demand has changed, there can be some challenging calculations. Why? Different temperature issues can come from the currents or the bus duct itself, commonly located near the ceiling.

Where are bus ducts typically located? Bus ducts are commonly found in industrial and commercial facilities between the transformer and the primary overcurrent device. Because of this location, the bus duct is not protected from the transformer, so we’ll probably discuss extra protection during your duct bus replacement inspection.

Can a bus duct be located outside? Yes, but your bus duct replacement must be in the correct housing. You need to have water-tight housing that sheds water naturally without relying on sealing. A shady spot is best because the sun can degrade the integrity of the housing. Finally, you’ll need bus duct breather openings that allow for circulation by installing the correct screens to keep insects and pests.

Have more questions about a bus duct replacement in Jupiter, Lake Park, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, or the surrounding areas? Call us to arrange for your consultation. Our licensed electricians work on many different commercial electrical issues and are ready to help your business with a bus duct replacement.

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