Electrical Contractor Work in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Only the best electrical companies can attract and retain the finest team of qualified and trained electricians. And no South Florida electrical company displays this better than Kasper Electric.

Working as an Electrical Contractor is a great way to start an established career in South Florida. As other careers come and go, the growth of homes and businesses in Broward and Palm Beach County guarantee that the need for electrical contractors is only going to grow. And, electricity is always needed no matter what the economy is like. Stable hours, a competitive salary, job training, and rewarding experiences are all part of the job.

The options for types of work are endless. If you enjoy working in a non-office environment and seeing the results of your work, this could be the occupation for you. The general path is to start as an apprentice with the chance to become a technician with the right training and attitude. Different paths after that can be as a project manager or foreman. And while you may think an electrician only works with wires, anything that involves electricity needs to be done by a licensed and experienced electrician including:

  • Interior lighting for new home builds, retail and commercial spaces
  • New build construction with the chance to install the most up-to-date technology
  • Generator services for reliable backup services during power outages including hurricanes
  • Revise and update old systems including updates, upgrades, and protectors
  • Landscape lighting for enhanced safety, security and style including path, accent, deck and step lights

Why go with Kasper? One look at the website and you’ll see a professional electric company from all angles. Check out our team page and you’ll see the whole crew including the Electrical Service Team, Customer Service Champions, Construction Team, and Executive Team. All of our team members have a long work history within the electrical field and our company. Everyone knows only the best companies attract and retain the best employees. We are not a type of company with a constant turnover of unsatisfied employees. We are a company with happy, long-term employees.

Our team works from 8 am to 8 pm to adjust to our customers’ schedules and get jobs done. Whether in Broward or Palm Beach County, we are your electrician for residential, commercial and marine solutions. We specialize in the areas of Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach and Pembroke Pines. Kasper Electric is a local, family-owned business with offices in Broward and Palm Beach counties and serving South Florida since 1978.

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