Residential Electrician Home Improvement Services in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Pembroke Pines, Stuart and West Palm Beach

Home improvement projects are a great way to update your existing home. Perhaps you’ve been watching home improvement shows and have been inspired to duplicate some of the projects you’ve seen. Or, maybe your house is old and needs updating to current electrical requirements. Either way, a professional residential electrician can help you get your project installed correctly the first time. Older homes in Stuart, Pembroke Pines and Lake Worth may need updated electrical to increase outlets either inside or outside the house. Meanwhile, homeowners in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and West Palm Beach may be looking for a new project to increase their quality of living such as outdoor rooms or indoor fans. Whatever the project, a residential electrician can complete electrical projects safely and correctly.

Home Improvement Project Ideas for Homes in Palm Beach County

Lights and fans are commonly requested projects the licensed electricians at Kasper Electric complete for homeowners.  Whether for aesthetics, safety, energy efficiency or just convenience, any project can benefit from the expertise of a 5-star rated residential electrician.

  1. Ceiling fans. Fans help refresh the air in any room as well as increase energy efficiency, but the wiring can be tricky for ceiling fans. The ceiling box the fan is being connected to has to be rated for the safety of a ceiling fan, not just for lighting. Also, if the previous location was used for lighting, the structural integrity may not be enough to support the fan and the movement it creates. Additionally, even if a switch to turn on the fan is already in place, the wiring will not only have to be double-checked, it might also need a new control for the various fan speeds and any lights either part of the fan or using the same switch unit.
  2. Lighting. The current lighting in your home may not be sufficient, especially as landscaping grows around your house or new awnings or shutters are installed. Or, lighting can be added to increase safety on stairs, garage step-downs, and exterior walkways. These areas might not have had electricity already wired to their locations and will require difficult installation and power routing. Here is where a residential electrician can improve your quality of living with projects you couldn’t normally complete on your own.
  3. Upgrading electrical service or surge protection. It’s hard to believe anyone would attempt this on their own but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate that these jobs should only be done by professionals. Plugs that spark, only have two prongs, lose power or flicker should all be replaced. And, as you add more systems or appliances in your home – an additional fridge in the garage, a pool heater – you should always check if your system can handle it.

Benefits of Residential Electrician

Every year 4000 to 6000 people are injured trying in electrical accidents around their homes. In monetary terms, almost $1.4 billion dollars of damage is caused by electrical fires and accidents. As a result, many homeowners’ insurance policies, neighborhood associations and local city laws require homeowners have all electrical work done by a professional residential electrician. Residents throughout South Florida including West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray, Stuart, Lake Worth and Pembroke Pines are encouraged to use professional licensed residential electricians for safety and compliance. Kasper Electric is a local, family-owned business with offices in Broward and Palm Beach counties and serving South Florida since 1978.

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