Electrical Repairs for Boynton Beach, Cooper City, Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Pembroke Pines, and Wellington

“Why can’t I do electrical repairs myself? They look easy to do on the internet.”

Everyone has gone onto the internet to look for how to complete a home repair. From step-by-step instructions complete with shopping lists to YouTube videos giving expert demonstrations. However, electrical repairs are quite different from regular home repairs. There are a number of things that should only be left to the professionals, electrical repairs are a good example, especially for safety.

Here are some electrical repairs best left to the professionals.

  1. Appliance repair. Faulty appliances are the number one source of residential fires which occurred 24,000 times in 2014. While it might be tempting to change a frayed electrical cord or something else that seems simple, let our electricians take a look. You’ve already invested a lot into your appliances, during a call we can look them all over and give them an extended life.
  2. Electrical panel maintenance. Surprisingly, sometimes we are called to fix electrical panels after someone decided this was an electrical repair, they could try themselves. Your electrical panel is the source, and safety, for all the electricity for your home. Have you heard how much a new electrical panel can cost? Best to leave it to the professionals to fix.
  3. Your older home may be driving you crazy with wiring issues. Loose sockets, faulty plugs, electricity breaks with modern appliances and more. DIY wiring electrical repairs are another large cause of house fires. If your house is already at risk, why add to it? If you are having issues with one area, chances are some others are about to start causing trouble too. This would be worth a full inspection to get your house ready for the next decade or so.
  4. Anything that requires a permit. We’ve all seen the pictures on the internet where someone tried to fix something on their house with duct tape and a prayer. We laugh because it’s so ridiculous. There is a reason why certain jobs require permits – because they are so important to the integrity of your home and could possibly cause a fire that could spread around your neighborhood. Renovations and additions should always have electricity installation and electrical repairs done by a licensed professional. We are trained in the safety, and load needs for your home. Your home’s electrical system was designed to support the number of rooms it was built with, without future additions in mind. Changing this requires significant changes in how your home’s electricity is brought in and distributed.

Now that you’ve seen this list of what may be considered small DIY projects, you can start to make your own list. When you need professional electrical repairs for one of the issues above, you can have all the others checked out at the same time giving your appliances, electrical wiring, and safety an extended timeline.

Kasper Electric is the most highly rated electrical company in Palm Beach County from Palm Beach to Delray Beach and in Boynton Beach and Wellington. Kasper Electric also serves select cities in Broward County including Pembroke Pines and Cooper City.

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