Saving on Electricity Bills with the Help of a Home Electrician in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter FL, Lake Worth, Stuart FL, and Wellington

Florida has a very high cost of electricity.

Did you know that Florida ranks 16th in the nation for the highest electricity (electrical) costs? Homeowners know that electrical costs can become pretty expensive without the proper parameters in place. Using a licensed electrician to make changes in your home is a great way to create huge savings on your electrical costs.

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

The first thing to do is to install a smart thermostat. If you’re manually adjusting your thermostat throughout the day chances are you’re losing money.

Our busy schedules can sometimes cause us to forget the small things. Changing the thermostat is often one of those things. Imagine taking a weeklong vacation to a far-off destination only to realize you forgot to adjust the thermostat before leaving. Unfortunately, you’re cooling an empty house for an entire week in the middle of a scorching summer.

Now imagine taking the same vacation but this time a professional electrician has installed a smart thermostat. Now your thermostat’s controls are conveniently located on your smartphone. Not only will you be able to set thermostat levels to automatically change, you can change it from the comfort of your couch!

Ceiling Fan Installations

Ceiling fans may be next on your to-do list. Statistics show that the use of fans can lower your thermostat by 4-7%. And those savings from the lower thermostat, can help you save up to 30% on air conditioning costs. Don’t forget the benefits of outdoor patio fans. They are a great way to extend the use of your outdoor entertaining space.

Smart Lighting Enhancements

New light fixtures are a great addition providing energy efficiency and convenience. Smart lighting technology can be controlled audibly directly from your phone or smart home device. The settings can be configured to customize your home’s lighting throughout the day. Scheduling specific lights to be on when you’re away from home or sleeping at night. Smart lighting should be installed by a professional residential electrician.

Audit Your Energy

Lastly, ask your electrician to give your home an energy audit. Along with the above, a licensed electrician will be able to provide suggestions on timing for thermostat efficiency, pool pumps and more. And, chances are they can share a few personal tips on things they’ve done for their own home’s energy efficiency.

Licensed and Five-Star Service in Palm Beach and Broward Counties

A licensed home electrician is a great way to get energy saving ideas for your home. Make sure you are also going with a company that consistently delivers five-star service for generation after generation.   Kasper Electric is the most highly rated electrical company in both Palm Beach County and Broward County serving Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter FL, Lake Worth, Stuart FL, and Wellington.

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