Retrofit Bolt Lock in Jupiter, Lake Park, Lake Worth, and West Palm Beach

There are a lot of condominiums in Jupiter, Lake Park, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas, and they all have security doors with bolt locks. It is important to make sure that they work, and sometimes installing a retrofit bolt lock from Kasper Electric is required to keep things working correctly. There are several times when you may need to replace the locks to a building, and if any of them require electrical connections, it is good to have a professional from Kasper Electric look at the setup and ensure that all connections are up to code and secured.

What Are Electric Bolt Locks?

Many homes and businesses have not only key locks for the door handle, but they also feature a deadbolt lock that provides additional security against break-ins. When you get to larger buildings that have multiple apartments, or condo buildings and even hotels, building owners typically install electric bolt locks to the outer doors. These bolt locks are always locked, and those who should have access to the building will have some sort of key for these locks, often a key card with a proximity chip in them or some code to enter on a keypad. Once the code or card is used, the bolt lock will buzz signifying that the locking bar is released for a period of a few seconds, which allows a person to open the door and get inside.

Why Retrofit Bolt Locks?

In your home or other small building, you would likely call a locksmith to fix a damaged lock or to replace the locks. With larger multi-unit buildings, because there is electrical work involved, getting the trained experts from Kasper Electric involved is the right move. Bolt locks if not properly exercised over their life can present issues with reconnecting during re-engagement and disengagement, often seizing up making it difficult to establish power. They can retrofit bolt locks to ensure that everything works as it should, and they can even upgrade existing bolt locks with the electrified version to make everyone’s experience better. It is important to provide the best protection possible in Jupiter, Lake Park, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas. Call Kasper Electric today to have them inspect your electric bolt locks to ensure they are in proper working order.

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