Landscape Lighting in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Lantana, Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, and the Surrounding Areas

When the sun goes down it doesn’t mean that your day has to end. You might want to sit out near the firepit, or you want to provide a lit path for your customers that are leaving after dark. No matter the reason, landscape lighting provides a way to illuminate pathways at your Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Lantana, Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, or the surrounding area home or at work. At Kasper Electrical we have helped to install outdoor landscape lighting for all sorts of applications, and we can do the same for you. Contact our team today to learn more and talk about your landscape lighting project.

Where Should Landscape Lighting Be Located

While landscape lighting is often synonymous with pathway lighting, that isn’t the only use for outdoor lighting. Many times, landscape lighting is used to illuminate the house itself, such as particular architectural features like a large stone chimney. Other times landscape lighting is used to illuminate small trees and other plants, or to light up some prominent landscaping feature.

Many times, people think of landscape lighting as utilitarian when it can and should be much more than that. Yes, you will be able to see where you are going and what you are doing, but landscape lighting is used as a way to play with shadows and accentuate features that otherwise get washed out in the daylight. And don’t always think in straight lines; curves around features and keeping away from a grid-like approach will make your landscape lighting much more interesting.

And don’t forget that LED lights now provide a whole new dimension to landscape lighting and fixtures are taking advantage of this. No longer do you need to settle for white for your lighting as LEDs can change colors and provide a new depth to your landscape lighting. Having a rainbow of colors around your pool can really change the look of the space at night and make it much more fun and inviting.

Landscape Lighting Design Options

There are a variety of ways to go with your landscape lighting. In some cases, making a silhouette light of a unique bush or statue can be very smart. Sometimes you may want to do down lighting, such as from the eaves of your home, rather than pathway lighting from the ground. You may have an artistic wall to highlight or a line of shrubs and doing a wall wash with lights is the right option. When you speak with our landscape lighting design professionals, we can review your Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Lantana, Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, or surrounding area property. Call our team at Kasper Electrical to learn more.

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